Computer donation project 1 - 04th July 2021

Donated seven computers and peripharel equipments worth LKR 500,000/- to the Sri Sumana Dharmayathanaya Computer Center in Kahathuduwa, Piliyandala, Sri Lanka for online education.

According to the current pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, children in Kahathuduwa area badly needed proper computer facilities for their online education. They found it very difficult to carry on their online education successfully due to many problems. Unavailability of data, instability of communication network and a lack of computers are some of them. Also, there are more members in a family who have to learn through online at a time.

So, as a solution to this problem and for the betterment of these children, with the guidance and assistance of the Ambalangoda Sumana Nanda Thero and Dhamma School teachers, the Dozen Group of Sri Lanka decided to donate Sumana Dharmayathanaya with a fully-fledged computer centre for children in need of online education around the area. It was opened on 04th July, 2021.

Children are provided with online computer education free of charge. Around 360 students in the area are benifited with this computer project. This center is open from 06 A.M. to 06 P.M. everyday.