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The “Dozen Group” is a Charity Organization engaged in Social Service Activities in Sri Lanka, which was formed in the year 2012. The Hony.Founder President is Mr. Narendra Fernando. Hony. Secretary is Mr .Athula Panagoda and Mr U. Sharman Jayasinghe works as the Hony. Treasurer. For more details you could log on to “www.dozengroupsrilanka.com”.

The Values that the organization uphold

The Group believes in human qualities that are etched with the human race since a time unknown. The happiness, the sadness and the pain were close to the lives of the people. All religious leaders, have taught the way out of the pain. The people might be different in religious faiths. But they are equal in the form. Almost all the religious leaders show the way out of pain.

All should earn wealth in righteous ways. A portion out of such earnings should be allocated for living. A portion for investments. A portion to save and another portion, to be distributed among the needy. If the people do so, the society that they live undoubtedly, will be a prosperous one with higher living standards and qualities .

When the people are confined to the death bed, they can recollect the good deeds for which they dedicated their lives. That will satisfy the meaning of our living. The Dozen Group as well, has been established as a Charity Organization with such high aspirations. The purpose of the organization is to support the helpless poor people , the patients, the students and the institutions that are dedicated for education .

The background story of the Organization

The origin of the Dozen Group has its own interesting background story. Mr. Nelson Mendis, who conducts a Cricket Coaching School in Maitland Place Colombo 7 and children from different schools had their training there. Most of the times, these children come with their parents. The parents engage in conversations leisurely, while their children are engaged in cricket practices. As the time passed by, these fathers became very close friends. Most of these fathers are employed in high posts and serve the country and the society. Some are the owners of lucrative businesses. But all those mostly think the same way. They have realized the reality of the life .They take pleasure in their lives.Their intention is to engage in social services together. This strong friendship paved the way for the Dozen Group Organization .The word “Dozen” stands for 12. The Dozen Group is comprised of 12 friends and they are dedicated towards a particular purpose. Their worthy mission was commenced in the year 2012.

Some of the social service activities of the Organization

In the initial year and upto 2014, the Dozen Groups helped the students with their personal wealth. They assisted poor people for self-employments and helped the temples in difficulty.

On January 28 of 2016, the Dozen Group offered Rs. 5 lakhs worth of Medical Equipment and Linen to the Maharagama Apeksha (Cancer) Hospital and offered lunch to more than 1000 in house patients too.

Every year the Dozen Group sought to assist the helpless people of the country. In the year 2016, the Dozen Groups donated 100 numbers Wheel Chairs worth Rs. One Million for 100 helpless patients.

Year 2017, the Group donated school bags, drink bottles, book lists and material worth Rs.350,000/- to 205 school children at Kiwlegoda Vidyalaya, Bakmeegama in the Trincomalee District.

On several Poson Poya days, the Dozen Group Organization offered the devotees, who observed Sil in Athula Dassanaramaya of Borella .They offered Alms and Pirikara for all venerable theros, who participated in Dammadeshana, with the guidance of Venerable Borella Athula Thero .

The future

Hence, the Dozen Group Organization is committed towards the well-being of the Sri Lankans and its worthy mission is, at all times to engage in social services. The Organization is looking forward to expand its social services in time to come.